No Passport Required

I love traveling to far off locations to photograph things that I don’t have at home.  However, if for whatever reason that’s not an option then photograph your own back yard.  No matter where you live, I’m betting there is someplace unique near you that people spend money to visit.  Maybe check out your state tourism website for ideas.  You might live close to some migratory bird route or you live near ranches with animals, weathered cowboys or cool farm equipment.  Every single place has something worth shooting, your job is to find it.  When I do travel, I tend to go on photography tours but I realized I’ve never once done that here at home.  So I recently went on a photography weekend to Vail which is less than a two hour drive from my house.  On that trip, I saw wildlife I’d never seen and a larger variety of wildflowers than I ever even realized grew here.  I also met other photographers and had a wonderful time exploring a part of my home state I’d never taken the time to visit.  I encourage you to take a weekend and explore the world around you, you never know what amazing experience or shot awaits you.


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